The importance of incentives for driving your business

Just as with any element of a business, staff need to be nurtured, supported and encouraged if they are to be successful. For our part, we are of the firm belief that celebrating achievements at work is key to inspiring employees, increasing focus and boosting productivity. This all results in a happier workforce which is fully committed to achieving your overarching business goals.

As well as the financial benefits born out of a driven team of employees, there are huge reputational advantages to having satisfied staff members. For example, your clients will place more faith in your business offering if you have an engaged workforce.

Often, managers will take the financial route and offer an increased salary or bonus. While this can be an effective strategy, not all employees will be purely motivated by money. Offering a range of benefits will make your employees feel valued.

They might include flexible working hours, additional holidays, social events or even a rewards scheme that gives employees the opportunity to win prizes for their continued efforts. Ensuring there are benefits to cater to all requirements will result in an exemplary work ethic while promoting a positive culture.

In fact, a white paper commissioned by a Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For investigated the key factors which encourage strong employee performance. People were asked: “What is the most important thing your manager or company currently does that would cause you to produce great work?” Thirty-seven per cent of respondents stated that increased personal recognition would encourage them to produce better work more frequently.

At CareerMakers, we recognise that promoting the successes of our employees results in an engaged and enthusiastic workforce and, ultimately, a more profitable approach to doing business. To that end, we offer the following staff benefits:

Weekly incentives and rewards 

We host a sales day competition from 9am to 12pm every Monday and Friday between all consultants across all teams. The prizes include a £25 voucher of choice and a bottle of wine for the consultant with the best results, which cover the most new business calls made and logged. 

Monthly incentives and rewards

Employee of the Month – This includes a trophy, a picture on the employee board, a place at the Team of the Quarter dinner table and a £25 voucher of choice. 

Business Development Consultant of the Month – Here we offer a trophy and a £50 vouchers of choice to the person with the most new billing clients. 

Construction Consultant of the Month – This comprises a trophy and £50 voucher of choice.