CV Tips

The first part of a selection process is the CV stage, so having an accurate and concise CV, which includes a description of Education and Employment experience, is imperative. It should also reflect personal attributes such as interest, achievements etc.

There are many formats of a CV, but in general the following points which should be included are:

Personal information – This should include your full name, address and contact details, including mobile telephone number.

If you are applying for a position where driving is involved then possession of a driving license and access to transport should be stated.

Education/Qualifications – Ideally this information should come before career history and should include all Schools, Colleges and Universities attended with relevant dates, name of qualification and awarding body, and level of qualification.

Career History – This should start with the most recent employment. In each position state the employer, the period, the location and the job title. If more than one position was held during your period of employment this should be stated. Duties and responsibilities should be outlined, preferably in bullet-point format and should include any relevant, factual information e.g. number of staff supervised/managed, budgetary management (£’s), revenue generated (£’s), number supported. All periods of employment should be accounted for and dates should include month/year commenced and finished. Do not leave gaps which are unaccounted for.

Computer Skills – Include software packages, operating systems, training received.

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