How can we support UK businesses as Brexit looms large?

According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), intentions surrounding employer hiring remain positive despite continued Brexit uncertainty. This news most certainly gives us hope in the wake of earlier speculation that Brexit might all but grind the UK jobs market to a halt.

The latest (REC) JobsOutlook report, which features in-depth analysis and insight about the UK’s labour market and covers June to August 2019, shows demand for permanent employees in the short term rose by five percentage points to a net figure of 21 per cent.

Other key findings included that short-term demand for temporary agency workers surged by 12 percentage points to 16 per cent compared to March to May 2019. Crucially, almost nine in 10 (87 per cent) UK employers stressed the importance of a recruitment agency’s regional and/or sectoral expertise when choosing a recruitment partner.

In addition, three in four (75 per cent) employers highlighted that they have little or no surplus workforce capacity, rising to 85 per cent in the public sector. Almost half (49 per cent) of employers of permanent staff expressed concern about the sufficient availability of candidates for permanent hire. Health & Social Care, Engineering & Technical and Construction were revealed to be the sectors of most concern.

For our part, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of selecting a recruitment partner which has a wealth of sector and industry expertise, particularly at a time when the political landscape holds so much doubt and unease. It is clear from the latest findings that there is indeed growth to pursue and jobs to create but that the unstable economic outlook might still be holding businesses back. We would like to listen to the concerns of businesses and their owners, put them at ease and help them to flourish moving forward.

We need to attract UK workers to fill critical shortages and makes sure they feel welcome and that their skills and development are invested in, all of which is vital for cultivating and maintaining a buoyant and successful jobs market.

At CareerMakers, we have created an extensive network and strong client and candidate partnerships via our infrastructure of regional offices. We were also proud to recently to open two new offices, which we believe will stand us in good stead for whatever October 31 holds and the events which unfold thereafter.

We now boast multiple offices which are strategically located in key locations, including Wigan and Manchester, and our newest offices in Liverpool, Merseyside, and Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Combined, they bring our values and services to the local recruitment markets, while supporting the vast array of permanent and temporary jobs which are available in our core sectors, in spite of the current climate which surrounds Brexit. They include Industrial, Construction, Driving & Logistics, Engineering and Commercial.

Our locations enable us to enhance our service offering, candidate reach and recruitment solutions experience for each client, irrespective of their size and needs. In addition, we are seeking to open additional regional offices in Crewe, Burnley, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham over the next 12 months. 

We have also recently conducted a fresh and exciting brand refresh as we continue to position CareerMakers as one of the most prominent recruitment firms in the UK in a post-Brexit era. We also wish to grow all areas of our considerable portfolio of staffing services and resources. Our fast expanding business model will enable us to continue connecting a host of top businesses with the best talent available.
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