CareerMakers Benefits

At CareerMakers, we recognise that promoting the successes of our employees results in an engaged and motivated workforce. This is why we offer the following staff benefits:

Weekly incentives and rewards

We host a sales day competition from 9am to 12pm every Monday and Friday between all consultants across all teams. The prizes include a £25 voucher of choice and a bottle of wine for the consultant with the best results, which cover the most new business calls made and logged. 

Monthly incentives and rewards 

  • Employee of the Month – This includes a trophy, a picture on the employee board, a place at the Team of the Quarter dinner table and a £25 voucher of choice. 
  • Business Development Consultant of the Month – Here we offer a trophy and a £50 vouchers of choice to the person with the most new billing clients. 
  • Construction Consultant of the Month – This comprises a trophy and £50 voucher of choice. 
  • Resourcer of the Month – We award a trophy and a £75 voucher of choice. This goes to the resourcer with the highest percentage fulfilment rate. 
  • Account Manager of the Month – This includes a trophy and a £50 voucher of choice, based on growth of clients and highest percentage compliance rate.
  • Team of the Month – This affords employees bragging rights, an extra dress down day, two cases of beer or wine to share and a free Deliveroo lunch. 
  • Target Hitters – All consultants who hit their GP target given for the month will be put into a hat and the winner/s will be drawn to win a special prize. 

Seasonal incentives and rewards 

  • Summer solstice – On the longest day of the year in June the winner that week is handed the “shortest day in the office card”. People can use this at any time by handing their card in and leaving at 10.30am with a bottle of Prosecco to have some fun in the sun.
  • Summer bank holiday – After the August bank holiday, there is a summer themed dress down day. The best dressed staff member wins lunch with a bottle of wine for two people. The winner must choose someone from the office who is in a different team to join them.
  • Halloween day – The best dressed person wins a free lunch, an early finish and lots to drink that night. 
  • Christmas jumper Day – We encourage people to wear their worst, or indeed best, Christmas jumpers in conjunction with raising money for charity. Raffle tickets are sold to win a host of prizes.

Quarterly incentives and rewards 

  • Team of the Quarter  –This entails a team night out at a high-end restaurant for dinner with drinks. 
  • Highest margin generator award  – This goes to the sales consultant who has generated the most profit margin booked in that quarter from their business development of new accounts. The prize is a £200 voucher of choice. 

Individual incentives 

  • Chase the Ace game – Every time you attend a new client meeting with a DM (qualified user), you get to pick a playing card from the board. If you pick an ace you win the prize written on the card. 
  • Free breakfast  – For every new client start, employees can claim a free breakfast. 
  • Envelope on the wall – Open to all consultants. For every one of the following, staff members will receive a raffle ticket:
    • Client visit booked 
    • Client visit attended 
    • New client start 
    • Lapsed client start 
    • Ten logged DM conversations in a day 
    • A full day with zero no shows from resourcing 
  • Every second Friday the person with the most raffle tickets will come up to the board and choose from three envelopes. They subsequently win the contents of that envelope.

New clients/business development (team based) payday pot 

  • There is £5 cash in a pot for every new client meeting attended. This increases to £10 if people come back with bookings and fill them. The contents of the pot are given to the team on payday to do with as they wish.



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